We've updated the Harvest-ometer

Following Good to Grow’s annual weekend celebration, we received a lot of requests for an update of the harvest-ometer produce list (especially in the way of culturally appropriate food), as well as prices that are reflective of today’s organic market value.

Julie Smith

Julie Smith

Capital Growth and Good to Grow teams have updated the Harvest-ometer which can be accessed by all members on their dashboard once logged in. The list of produce extends to a wider range of culturally appropriate food that can be grown in the UK, including Okra, Potol, and Edible Amaranth, as well as a few more local items at the request of our members.

Adopting practices of growing different types of fruits and veg led and decided by the users of the growing spaces is vital to help make community food growing spaces more welcoming and appropriate for everyone in our communities. Be sure to check our new webpage full of resources on anti-racism in community food growing to find out more.

Have a look at the updated list of produce along with its current organic market value on your dashboard. If your growing space is not yet a Good to Grow (UK-wide) or Capital Growth (London-only) member, check out the websites to sign up for free.

What is the harvestometer?

A simple online tool to help growers keep track of how much food they grow and how much money they save. It stores yield data and converts it into a money value, meal value and makes great graphs that you can show friends, family, supporters or even funders!