Growing food on London's Urban Fringe

On February 14th 2020, 60 individuals who work on or with farms on London’s urban fringe, gathered to discuss the good practice of growing food and the barriers to increasing food production on the outskirts of the city.

The Fringe Farming gathering attraced over 60 people with the purpise of sharing good practice in terms of growing food at scale on London’s urban fringe. It also explored what barriers and opportunities for more food production occur on the urban fringe.

The session kicked off with a wide range of speakers, including the director of Organiclea, Brian Kelly, Shared Asset’s Mark Walton and Sustain’s own Farming Campaign Coordinator, Vicki Hird. The day continued with talks on the different opportunities and challenges associated with running food growing projects on London’s outskirts. These tackled issues such as diversity, land tenure and routes to market.

Presentations available here

A range of workshops then discussed how best to

  • create jobs and skills in the sector,
  • build markets for agro-ecological food and increase
  • access to land for food growing and getting local authorities engaged in food growing projects.

Participants commented:

Great briefing

Really enjoyed it, well organised and plenty of opportunity for networking

Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me why it matters!