Calculating carbon on community gardens

Have you been wondering how much carbon your garden might be saving? Now you can find out with our Harvest-ometer!

A trowel in the soil. Credit: walkersalmanac | Pixabay

A trowel in the soil. Credit: walkersalmanac | Pixabay

Every year, the Good to Grow network saves as much carbon as it would take for you to fly to New York 1,000 times! That’s an estimated 973,478kg of CO2-equivalent emissions on average per year, from the food grown across our network's community gardens, compared to the carbon footprint from buying the same produce from a supermarket.

And across our London network, Capital Growth, community gardens have been saving as much carbon every year as it takes to drive around the M25 14,500 times!

Thanks to help from colleagues at Sow the City, a social enterprise in Manchester, the Harvest-ometer can now give you an estimate of how much carbon your garden is saving.

All you have to do is:

  • Register your garden with Capital Growth (if you’re based in London) or Good to Grow (for the rest of the UK)
  • Weigh and record your harvest
  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Open the Harvest-ometer
  • Select a produce type and enter its weight or quantity
  • View your harvest record and see its value
  • Check progress on your graphs or export the data

If you’re already registered and have already been recording your harvests, all this data has already been converted into carbon for you! So just login and see how much you’ve already saved.

To find out more about how the carbon savings have been calculated, read the notes here. More information on using the Harvest-ometer can be found here.