Don't miss Hackney Herbal's annual equinox event

The Capital Growth team got a chance to visit Hackney Herbal ahead of their annual equinox event later this month.

Photo credit: Fi McAllister

Photo credit: Fi McAllister

Hackney Herbal, a social enterprise in the heart of East London, is driven by their vision to connect communities to nature, herbs and food growing. The team is currently gearing up for their annual equinox event on 18 September, not to be missed. 

As well as their community activities, Hackney Herbal sell unique blends of tea and deliver a programme of creative events and workshops about the various uses of herbs. All these projects gather around their mission to show people the health and wellbeing benefits of incorporating herbs into their lifestyles.

They manage the garden spaces at Trowbridge Gardens in Hackney Wick, a creative workplace that also includes exhibition areas and a café. One of the gardens is open to the public daily during the cafe opening hours. Their herb garden is open during events and open days. 

The team gardens according to permaculture principles, experimenting with species and incorporating various habitats to promote a thriving wildlife. Their gardens truly are havens of peace in the heart of Hackney Wick.

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